Tom Cavanagh Blog 6/6/06

Hi Sharks fans,

Well if you’re reading this I’m glad that you’ve been checking up on the latest news of our team. It was very hard to say goodbye to our loyal fans and supporters in Cleveland, to whom we owe a giant debt of gratitude, but we are thrilled to be in Worcester and even though it’s the off-season it really is an exciting time for us! I know all the guys are anxiously awaiting the big move and everyone involved with the organization has been working hard getting things ready for when the puck drops next fall.

For me it’s been a good off-season so far. This past season was my first year of professional hockey and having finished up a long stretch of school last spring it was filled with plenty of changes, but the biggest adjustment was the number of games we played- from 34 to 80! I’ve found this change carries over into the off-season. In college it was easy to make a quick transition from the ice to the gym right away, but now after a much longer year it takes a little more recovery, so it’s important to take a little time off to let your body recover and heal on its own. So after I got back from Cleveland I took some time to recharge the batteries, and now I’m back in the gym putting in some workouts to get ready for next season. Other than that I’ve just been taking it easy, hopefully this rain will stop soon so I can get down to the beach a little more!

Well, keep checking in on the latest, and I’ll be writing in again soon!

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