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Greetings From The AHL All-Star Contest

Greetings from Canada!

Yes Sharks fans, I am writing you from the Great White North, the site of this year's American Hockey League All-Star Game. This year’s contest is being hosted in Winnipeg, home of the Manitoba Moose. The Moose have done an incredible job since joining the AHL and I am excited to see their operation. Observing the AHL’s best organizations is just another way we’ll work to better the Worcester Sharks.

The week that was in Worcester went on without me! I was grounded and worked from home nursing the dreaded sinus, cold and throat infections much of the country has battled. So much for the flu shot - I need one to immune me from those things more! The Sharks however kept forging ahead.

Michael Mudd, who will be joining the franchise as Vice President & Assistant General Manager, filled in for me on a number of meetings and visits while I was out. With the season beginning in nine months, it is imperative that we stay on track for the exciting task of building this new franchise. Mudd was able visit the community, see a couple of the local rinks and, along with our city and arena partners, Michael O’Brien and Sandy Dunn, meet with the Chamber Board of Directors.

While Mudd shook hands and did the on-site work, we worked behind the scenes to analyze more than 200 resumes for potential Sharks employees, studied requirements for the team that will be addressed before moving in, began the design of the new mascot, continued to help push the pledge drive and worked to answer all the burning questions from pricing to perks to ticket plans. As you will hear us say over and over, please stay patient and allow us make all these decisions in the right way – we are as anxious as you to be off and running everyday!

This remainder of the week will be spent here in Manitoba, but have no fear, the organization continues progressing daily. Next week we will be back in Worcester with several announcements.

Remember, keep those pledges coming!

Best regards,

Michael T. Lehr
Worcester Sharks

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