Hello Worcester!

Well with the 40 days of lent over I gave up chocolate which was good cause when easter sunday came i had a few treats. Craig Valette had his family from High River Alberta here and they invited me over for dinner. It was great since I have not had a easter dinner in 4 years. During that weekend I had my billet here from Everett where I played junior hockey for one season. he had a good time since i showed him around the city and the hot spots… haha.

With April 6th right around the corner I finally won’t have to style my hair no longer. I have wanted to go for several trims but Joslin has stopped me with comments such as "think of the kids" or "it looks good" with a laugh after. There is also several others coming on the ice to get their hair cut to. Also you should bid on who gets to come on the ice to shave my head make sure you do a good job.

I am still trying to get better after i took a hit last Friday against Bridgeport. Im going to skate monday and see how it feels and maybe get into the line up on wednesday or maybe on friday.

Well also another important date to think of is April 1st AKA April fools. Not to sure of what prank I will do. I have been thinking of doing something tho.

I also have my parents here visiting for the first time… I haven’t seen them since christmas so i have been having a good visit with them. They have spent more time with my brother helping him with his move to Atlanta and getting him sorted out.

Well I look forward to being back in the line up and seeing all of you in the crowd and keep bidding on my shaving my head!


Sharks Blog


Well Worcester we are 8 points out with 17 games to go hopefully we can get hot and get some bounces to go our way. We are still in the mix of things and i think we will get in even if we have to play right to the end of the season. We are playing playoff hockey right now till the end of the season.

But let’s see what else is going on in my life. In the last couple of days we have been going movies 10,000 B.C and SEMI PRO both movies i thought were great you guys should go check them out if you have any time on your hands. Mike Morris has been back and forth from his home to Worcester and has been coming to the games now that he is able to walk after hip last hip surgery.

Well one other thing… I'm looking to sell my car so if any of you have been nice to your parents or if you need something from your wife or husband let me know and i can give you the details it could be a great graduation gift !!!

On Wednesday, I have my billet family coming to see the great city of Worcester for the first time. I lived with this family for one season when i played in Everett in the WHL. So it will be good to visit and see them again.

Then at the end of the month my parents are coming here for the first time. Too bad we play on the road when they come, but like good parents they will still drive to watch me play ( get some brownie points ).

Till next time keep cheering and i wanna see all of you bidding on the St Patty's Day jerseys on Sunday after the game!!! and i will try and get 3 wins this weekend and get us even closer to the playoff picture and dont be afaird to ask ur parents for a new car !!!


The Life of Riley

Well today we are practicing at the NESC So i'm going to let all the fans know what i go through in a day.

9:00 am - Alarm goes off, Always look out my window to see how the weather will be and today it is snowing. I get up and have some cereal and toast and run outside and start my car so it is nice and warm in there by the time i am ready to go.

9:25 am - Start the drive to NESC leave a little early cause of the snow. And i also have to wait for iggulden he is always running a little late.

9:56 am - Mike and I get to the rink and start to get ready for practice the rink is really cold so I ride the bike and get a heat pack to stay warm before i get on the ice.

11:00 am - Practice begins... We have a good practice and everyone is going hard so we can stay warm.

12:30 pm - Begin the drive back to Worcester and talk about where we should go for lunch. Mike and I also call his Girlfriend and see if she wants to cook us something. She says so would rather go out to eat so we pick her up and go to Quiznos. I Like going there they have good music i feel at home when i am in there

1:12 pm - Get back to my apartment and fold some clothes from the laundry i did last night .Yes girls i can do my own laundry haha.

1:36 pm - Finally the best part of the day. I get to have my afternoon nap i get nice and comfy on the couch and i put in "we are marshall"

2:30 pm - Mike Morris comes into my place and trys to steal food from me cause he is to lazy to go get his own food put i wake up and catch him in the act. It doesn't matter i would rather have my nap

2:37 pm - My nap continues YES !!!!

5:00 pm - Phone rings and wakes me up it is my brother. We talk about this past weekend since we both had a couple of games and we also talk about the 2 new puppies he just got. He is pretty excited since he has been back on a line with crosby and malkin for the past 15 games so he is hot and in a good mood.

6:00 pm - Morris comes down and i am still on my couch and he offers to take me out for supper since he took food from me so he could have lunch. Morris and I hang out for a bit and decide where we should go.

6:30 pm - Finally we come to a decision and we go to the 111 steak house.

8:00 pm - Get back home from a good dinner since i didn't have to pay haha thanks mike. I get back to the couch and put on some hockey and watch some of the best players world and see if i can learn a few things so i can get better.

10:00 pm - Mike Iggulden bring me a dessert which his girlfriend made she is a great cook tonight she made apple pie and ice cream. This happens about 2 times a week so i like getting a good dessert

11:00 pm - Lock the door and Shut off the lights and hit the sheets so i can get up and do this all over again

There you have it fans The day in the life of Riley Armstrong. I know most of you don't get the afternoon nap but maybe you should try it and it can be your best part of the day

Hey Fans

What can I say? We have been pretty hot as of late going into the Christmas Break. Since Mink has been back from his injury we have won 4 in a row. I guess he is good luck. My sister came down to Worcester and went with Mink’s fiance and Valette’s fiance to Portland to watch the 2 games up there before the break. It was the first time she had seen me play in 2 years and I even got a goal for her too so she thought she was good luck.

After the weekend, we both flew to Pittsburgh for Christmas, where we met up with my parents and my brother. My brother just got a new house in Pittsburgh which is very nice so we had our first family Christmas in 3 years. That’s what Christmas is all about, being with your family and getting some sweet presents.

I have been wearing hats lately due to the fact my hair is getting so long and I hate styling it every day. Its going to be weird with no hair. It might even look scary or maybe I will look older which is good.

The next thing now is New Years. So make your New Years resolution a good one and I will talk to you soon


Hello Worcester sharks fans!

Well let’s just say it’s been tough as of late on the ice. But during practice we are working hard and even though we are down in games we never give up and we battle right to the end of the game. We got some new players back in the line up Mike Morris and Thomas Plihal… those 2 guys have not played a game in over a year so it will take them a bit to get back into game shape.

Well lets talk about the life of Riley now… haha something a little more exciting ... Well me and Mmorris have been competing all year now on who has the better apartment. Right now I am winning since my couch is way better than his and I have area rugs so it divides the place up a bit. Then i went out and got a christmas tree and not even 2 days later he had one with a reindeer so he has tried to one up me which is ok… I need a challenge. Right now I think Iggulden has the best apartment in the building tho.. along with Valette… but its not even fair… they both have girlfriends who live with them and decorate the place and make it look nice… where I'm trying to battle to keep up.

My next blog is going to be a day in the life of Riley. It is going to be everything I do in a day… including the time, so make sure u come back for that one…. Haha… it should be exciting.

As many of you know, I have been growing my hair out for “Locks of Love.” My hair is 4 inches long and almost comes to my mouth when straightened.

Stay classy and stay warm Worcester!

Oh and I wouldn't mind a automatic car starter for christmas mom !!!!

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