A Timeline Through Game Six...

Hey Fans,

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to get down to the DCU Center, I will provide you with a timeline of events throughout the game. Hope you enjoy it.

6:40 p.m. – Warm-up going on. Mike Iggulden is on the ice and seems to be looking good.

First Period: 15:40 left - We are flying and the atmosphere is exciting!  Early pressure is a good thing!

12:03 - We are pouring on the pressure.  I havent seen us this pumped and flying this much since our seven-game winning streak.  This is unbelievable...

8:20 left - Shay Stephenson got by Stafford and was able to sneak a wrap-around past Patzold for the game's first goal.  Our guys are flying though.  I'm not in the least bit worried.

4:40 - Schmidt in the box for holding.... HERE WE GO!!!

2:40 - Penalty killed off...

Seconds later, Cavanagh took a tripping penalty and Manchester converted on the power play to make it 2-0. 

END OF FIRST PERIOD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So the second period has begun.  3:57 gone and the Sharks are yet again dominating the period.  Its 3-0 in shots in the period.  This next goal is huge.  Mike Messina in the WTAG studio agrees and as I write this, someone just rang a shot off the post behind Patzold.

There is 5:54 on the clock.  No change in score, but the Sharks are still working toward their first goal.  Just Kurtz just blasted Lauri Tukonen and received a minor for interference.  Tukonen might have been knocked out.  Hopefully he is ok....

Ok 2:29 left, Jeff Giulliano just hooked Graham Mink.  Hopefully we convert.  Have I ever mentioned how fast Torrey Mitchell is?  Wow is he fast!

END OF SECOND PERIOD-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, this is it.  The final 20 minutes of the period.  We need a two goals and win.  Let's go Sharks!  Our Fans are chanting that right now!

My two cents, we should be winning.  We have really dominated this whole game.  If we can catch a break, we'll be right back in this!

We are currently on the power play and have generated a couple shots.  Our fans are behind us, we just need that goal.  16:20 left.

THERE IT IS!!!  Tommy Cavanagh!!  Pat Traverse sent a hard wrister in and Cavs got the rebound.  This place is electric!!!  NAAA NAAA NAAAH  NAAA NA NA HEYYYYYY!!! Power Play goal by the way!

This place is ROCKIN!!!

Since Cavangh's goal, this place is loud and raucous and the Sharks are pouring on the pressure.  We need a goal!

There it is!!!  Iggulden!!!!  on the PP!!!!!!!!  WOW this is intense! 

Three minutes to go... we're gonna win!!!

END OF THIRD PERIOD------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ok this is exciting...  Overtime has begun!!!

We're playing great.... Just need a strong scoring opportunity.  We'll get it...

Here's our chance.... Manchester penalty for too many men!!

Mitchell just got called on a holding the stick penalty! - Killed off...

Ok...  4:07 left in the game.  Sharks are on a power play.  LETS DO IT!  This place is so loud!!!

PP killed off by the Monarchs.  1:02 left and the Rocky Montage is playing.  God I love Rocky!!!..


OT hockey is nerve wracking.  Im shaking right now, but its ok.  Im excited.  The DCU Center is loud and fans are having a great time.  If your not here, I hope next time you will come because this is fun!  As a side note, Jason LaBarbera looks hurt.  I mean hurt.  He just got up slow.  I bet he's tired too.

We need to end this game.... I am a wreck.

These Sharks Are Not Human!

Your Worcester Sharks are not human!

It’s easy for professional athletes to say they never quit on anything. But, the truth of the matter is its human nature to look for the easy way out of situations. Too often an individual will find that easy route when their back is against the wall. Well, the Sharks aren’t like humans. Their backs are against the wall and they have gone the opposite way of easy. Easy isn’t fun to watch – this team, they are the epitome of FUN. I love hockey and this season is the definition of why.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in game five and I figured the Monarchs would come out flying. Instead it was the Sharks that were able to dominate a game on the road and did it for the majority of the evening without two of their top scorers, Mike Iggulden and Mathieu Darche, who both suffered injuries.

Another form of human nature is fear. There was an interesting quote in this morning Telegram & Gazette from Dimitri Patzold. The goaltender said, “…if you get afraid of something, you’re in trouble, and we’re trying to keep it out of our heads.” There’s no fear and no quit with this Sharks team…they’re simply not human!

DCU Center tonight at 7pm – Game 6 - The House Better Be A Rockin’!!!  Click here to buy tickets!!

Smock Checks In With His Keys to Game Five

The front office for the Sharks isn’t much different than the locker room today. For the entire organization it’s all about focusing on one-game at a time and worrying about the “now.” There’s a possibility that we could all be back at work again tomorrow morning preparing for game six of the Atlantic Division Semi-Finals; and there’s the possibility that we’ll box up my beloved NESN blimp and say goodbye to the 06-07 season for good.

With this Sharks team there’s no telling what tomorrow looks like, but if they become the third team in AHL history to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win this playoff series we shouldn’t be surprised.

Fifty times during the regular season the Sharks surrendered the opening goal in a game and were able to come from behind to salvage at least one point in the standings in 28 of those games. Thirty Four times the team trailed after forty minutes and was able to gather a point or more in 11 of those games. The comebacks included six times in which the Sharks pulled their goaltender and scored to force overtime within the final minute of the contest. It was a regular season of heroics and hockey’s version of the “Cardiac Kids”.

However, as fun as the comeback win can be, not falling behind may be key #1 to tonight’s affair. In fourteen meetings this year (10 regular season games and four playoff games combined) the team that has scored first has gone on to win 11 times. The Sharks tremendous first period, in which they out-shot Manchester 17-5, on Wednesday night was a huge factor in the team’s first win of the series.

Secondly, the Sharks will need to continue to dominate physically tonight. Game two and four were the Sharks best efforts of the series, not coincidentally enough the same two games that the Sharks were dominant on the physical side. Physical dominance and discipline can co-exist on an ice surface together and they are a must combination for the Sharks tonight.

Thirdly, look for the Sharks to shoot the puck from everywhere stealing a page from the Monarchs play book. Wednesday night was the first game the Sharks out-shot Manchester in this series – that needs to happen again for the team to be successful in game five. Tom Walsh, who had two goals with a game-high five shots on Wednesday night, is proof that you can’t score-if you don’t shoot.

Tonight’s action can be heard live on NewsTalk 580-WTAG at 7:35, including the pre-game Warm Up Show at 7pm.

Will I be talking to you again tomorrow at 7 from the DCU Center for game six on WTAG? Who knows, but I wouldn’t pack that blimp quite yet…

Team Teal Poised for Win No. 2

Woooo, where do I start? Last night’s win was amazing. Our Sharks came out and showed Manchester what kind of team they really are.

I was driving into work this morning and everything felt so good. The sun was out, it was warm and I was rockin’ out to some country music. I got an email from an absolute die-hard fan and it really made me smile.

I want to share it with everyone:

I heard a song on my way to work this morning & thought this would be a perfect theme song:

Staying Alive
(I'm) We're going nowhere (we won't be going golfing anytime soon)
(I'm) We're staying alive, staying alive!!!!!!

GREAT game last night!!!!! Manchester started off the same way Hartford did Tuesday night --- little to no shots on goal. We just have to keep getting to LaBarbera!!!!

So there you have it! Everyone is excited and we’re ready to keep winning. “Don’t Stop Believing!”

I saw the boys briefly this morning. Everyone seemed to be relieved of getting that first win under their belt. Practice went for about 30-40 minutes with the goalies on earlier with Pro Scout Cap Raeder. The atmosphere seemed to carry itself over from last night’s win. With that being said, look for Manchester to have their hands full again on Friday night.

We’re going to win game five in Manch and then game six will be here at the DCU Center on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. As of 10:00 am this morning (Thursday) tickets are on sale at the DCU Center Box Office and in the Sharks offices by calling 508.929.0500. Give us a call to buy your tickets. The more fan support, the better it is for OUR TEAM. They notice when you are here and cheering, I CAN GAURANTEE IT.

Look for an update from Jamie Smock either later today or tomorrow!

Thanks for reading…

Jeremy Lemoine is the Public Relations Coordinator for the Worcester Sharks. He, along with Jamie Smock, the Sharks play-by-play broadcaster, will be writing a playoff blog on Sharksahl.com called "Chasing the Calder." "Chasing the Calder" will be updated with information about the Sharks games, practices, off ice activities and bring, you the fan, the most up-to-the-minute information on Sharks Playoff Hockey.

"Sharks Can Come Back"

altJust checking in with some random thoughts before tomorrow’s game.  I will update before the puck drops, but after letting my mind wander, I just wanted to touch on some stuff I have been thinking about all day.
Here it goes: 
  • Watch for Graham Mink to really make a difference on Wednesday night.  I have come to realize that Graham Mink is like Big Papi.  The guy is clutch and when it’s playoff time, he’s an absolute animal.  He’ll throw his weight around and chip in with three points – that’s my Graham Mink prediction.
  • Tomorrow is a TV game.  We are 10-2 when Charter is in the house.  With that kind of record, I’ll take the Jamie Smock/ Kevin Shea duo any day of the week.
  • I am completely unsure as to who will get the nod in net tomorrow.  I guess I could just ask, but for the now I’ll keep wondering.
  • Jonathan Tremblay is here from Fresno now.  It would be awesome to see him pummel someone tomorrow night.  With it being playoffs though, that is highly unlikely.
  • Watching playoff hockey is by far my most favorite thing to watch on TV or in person at any time of the year. 
  • I still think we have a chance to win this series.  We just need to win tomorrow and keeping playing extremely physical. 
  • “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey has officially become my theme song until the Sharks get knocked out of the playoffs.
  • I wonder what Brian Boyle thought after Brennan Evans won that fight on Saturday.  Boyle is much, much taller and has a longer reach than Evans.  He must have been embarrassed. 
  • Will San Jose win the Cup this year?  I have no doubt they can and I think everyone here in Worcester would be pumped!
Ok, so those are just a few random thoughts right now.  I’ve watched this team practice the last few days and they’re ready.  Everyone is loose, relaxed and excited.  It’s going to be a challenge to win four in a row, but hey, San Jose just did it.  The Red Sox did it, and most importantly, Manchester just won three in a row.  The Worcester Sharks are more than capable of doing it.

Jeremy Lemoine is the Public Relations Coordinator for the Worcester Sharks. He, along with Jamie Smock, the Sharks play-by-play broadcaster, will be writing a playoff blog on Sharksahl.com called "Chasing the Calder." "Chasing the Calder" will be updated with information about the Sharks games, practices, off ice activities and bring, you the fan, the most up-to-the-minute information on Sharks Playoff Hockey.

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