Facing Off Against Bullying
            Be A Leader, now in its fourth straight year, is a collaboration between the Sharks and the Worcester law firm Abigail Williams & Associates. The program puts Sharks players and coaches as well as Abigail Williams & Associates staff out in the community, where we help kids acquire essential leadership skills, empowering them to become agents for positive change within their schools and their communities. We give kids the tools they need to embody Abigail Williams’ call to action, Step Up & Stop It, and bring an end to school bullying.
Be A Leader includes an annual community service day and a series of after-school presentations held at Boys & Girls Clubs in Worcester.
On Community Service Day, Abigail Williams & Associates staff and members of the Sharks team and organization roll up our sleeves and make needed improvements at a local school.
In our after-school programs, Sharks players and Abigail Williams staff lead kids in presentations that are fun and engaging and that foster teamwork, build confidence, trust and motivation, and teach decision-making skills.
With training from internationally recognized anti-bullying expert Barbara Coloroso — bestselling author of “The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander: Breaking the Cycle of Violence” — we are setting out this year to give kids positive role models. We’re showing kids how to stop bullying in their schools before it begins.
Our strategy in our after-school programs:
• Teach the importance of  kindness and compassion.
• Help kids to be part of the solution
• Teach concrete strategies kids can use when they are angry (the bully) or involved as the bullied or a bystander
• Make sure kids know that bullying is never acceptable.
Program flyers from the No Kidding about Bullying program by Naomi Drew  include:
• What Real Kids Have To Say About Anger Triggers
• Ways To Be An Updtander
• The Dignity Stance
• Tips For Staying Out of Physical Fights
• 8 Keys To Making Yourself More Bully Proof
• If Your'e Being Bullied
• Step Up & Stop It Pledge

Internationally recognized bullying expert Barbara Coloroso conducted a training session with Sharks players, coaches and staff and AWA staff, who will put Coloroso’s lessons into action in a series of upcoming presentations at Boys & Girls Clubs after school programs.  Click HERE to see a portion of the training session.

Click HERE to see the Be A Leader program at the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester on November 16.