One Long Day

Saturday was a long day for this fish! In the end, I guess, my ultimate goal was to get some food in my belly. Two big events with lots of great people to meet at each made for quite a time. Oh, and I got to wear some sweet Celtic garb. But let’s go back to the beginning.

I began the day hitting up the slopes. Okay, I didn’t go skiing, but I did head out to Wachusett Mountain, for their annual Chili Fest. Stepping into the festival, I was blasted with the spicy aroma of the many chili concoctions. My nostrils flared and I was set to chow down, but forgot my celebrity status and was shaking hands and high fiving the hundreds of people there.

Everyone there was in great spirits and a lot of fun to hang out with. Why shouldn’t they be? Their adrenalin must have been peaking as Tabasco heat was pumping through their veins. With invigoration like that who wouldn’t be having a great time. Unfortunately, I had to move on before I could test the recipes myself.

Fortunately, however, the next event required a bit of a costume which I was more than happy to try on. With kilt and sporran I converted from Finz to McFinz! Again, I was met with throngs of fans who really supported my new look.

The rain held up the Blackstone Valley Celtic Festival for a short while, but before I knew it, I was on stage having my calf muscle measured for one of the contests in the Men in Kilts Competition. Honestly, I can’t mention the Men in Kilts competition without the mention of David McCracken, the man who stunned the festival audience by revealing all that lay beneath his kilt. Check out the links below for further news stories about Dr. McCracken and some great footage of myself!

By the end of the day I finally got the food I had been seeking all day and scarffed down not one but two delicious cheeseburgers. My mind was on food Saturday but I had a great deal of fun in my pursuit of it.


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