FINZ Enjoys Fireworks and Summer Nationals

Hey Sharks fans! It’s been an exciting week as our nation once again celebrated its independence with endless activities, food and of course fireworks! Lucky for me, I was about town catching all the action! Beginning July 3rd, I was watching fireworks, seeing cars burning rubber and meeting some really great people.

It all started on the 3rd as the city of Worcester had its official Independence Day Celebration at Christoforo Columbo Park. I was there from 5 – 9 pm in the beautiful weather, mingling with over 50,000 people that showed up for a good time. We brought out the 20 ft. tall Shark Head Shootout for the kids to practice their shot and win a prize. The event was a blast and a big thanks to all you Sharks fans for making our station the place to be.

On Friday and Saturday things heated up even more. And with that heat came the scent of burnt rubber wafting through the air. That’s right; I was in attendance at Mascots Appreciation Days at the Summer Nationals Car Show at Green Hill Park. With over 170,000 people expected to show up over the course of the entire event I had met my fair share of people in the time I was there each day. The best part, of course, were the souped up hot rods being shown off. I even got a chance to cruise the park in the back of a yellow convertible…Check out the pictures.

On Sunday, I closed out my week with a trip to Uxbridge to make an appearance at their Town Fair. I chilled out for an hour in the sun with all sorts of really nice folks. The event was a fundraising for their First Night in January, and loving a good celebration myself, I couldn’t resist showing up to support their effort.

Well this Shark is exhausted. It’s been quite a week, but I’ve got to rest my fins up. Catch you all next time!

Stay classy Worcester,

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