FINZ Starts Summer Blog

Hey Sharks Fans!

It’s me, your favorite mascot, FINZ. I just wanted to introduce my new blog for the summer. Every week, maybe twice a week, I will tell you all about my adventures this summer!

I can’t wait for this summer. It’s going to be lots of fun. I’m going to parties, festivals, concerts, baseball games, charity walks and all kinds of other stuff. Last summer I was so busy, I needed a brand new pair of shoes. Something tells me I am going to need another new pair. Wearing a size 20 can be a little bit of a problem sometimes though. I can’t just go to Foot Locker and buy a new pair. We need to specially order them.

Make sure to check my space on frequently for my latest travels! I will update as much as possible!



PS. All you kids in the Kids Club, make sure to re-sign up for the club. It’s tons of fun and you can get all kinds of free stuff! You can even go on the ice during a Sharks home game next season. If you haven’t signed up, click here and do that so you don’t miss out on all the fun!

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