These Sharks Are Not Human!

Your Worcester Sharks are not human!

It’s easy for professional athletes to say they never quit on anything. But, the truth of the matter is its human nature to look for the easy way out of situations. Too often an individual will find that easy route when their back is against the wall. Well, the Sharks aren’t like humans. Their backs are against the wall and they have gone the opposite way of easy. Easy isn’t fun to watch – this team, they are the epitome of FUN. I love hockey and this season is the definition of why.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in game five and I figured the Monarchs would come out flying. Instead it was the Sharks that were able to dominate a game on the road and did it for the majority of the evening without two of their top scorers, Mike Iggulden and Mathieu Darche, who both suffered injuries.

Another form of human nature is fear. There was an interesting quote in this morning Telegram & Gazette from Dimitri Patzold. The goaltender said, “…if you get afraid of something, you’re in trouble, and we’re trying to keep it out of our heads.” There’s no fear and no quit with this Sharks team…they’re simply not human!

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