Armstrong Checks in with a Clear Head

Hey Fans!

I’m back and able to write some more blogs. Just when I thought summer was coming and the weather was getting warmer, I wake up and I’m freezing. I thought I woke up from hit back home in Saskatoon!!

Well unfortunately, our weekend didn’t go as great as we hoped after taking just two of a possible six points. The boys practiced real hard today and everyone seems ready for the final 20 games of the season. We know what it’s going to take to bring playoff hockey back to Worcester.

So I guess Ashton reads my blogs and took my comments to heart because he cleaned the whole apartment… including my room!!! Haha Sucker!!

Anyways, I’m doing fine from the hit I took on Saturday night. I hope to be back in the lineup in a couple of weeks as soon as cut on my head heals and the doctors clear me. Coach Sommer seems to think I’ll be ready this weekend because there is nothing in my head to be hurting. Little does he know that I was an honor roll student through High school! Hahaah

Well I hope to see you all soon on when I can strap the blades on again. Until next time, keep supporting the Sharks!!!


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