The Armdogg Checks in With His Thoughts on Deadline Day

Hey its Armdogg,

Well I’m sitting on the couch relaxing before the big game tomorrow when we take on the Springfield Falcons at the DCU Center. I have to rest my sore body as I took some hard hits over the weekend. Also, I’m sun burnt thanks to Grant Stevenson. We went tanning yesterday and well, I didn’t tan.

We have a two game winning streak going after this weekend as we beat Manchester and Norfolk in very tight games. It was good to have Craig Valette back in the line up too. I always feel a lot safer when he is on the ice with me because I know I have someone who will protect me (Haha). He has been out for over 2 months now, so he brings a lot of speed back to the line up which is needed.

As for those pictures that Graham Mink’s fiancé painted for me… I tried hanging them up in the apartment and it didn't go so smoothly. Maybe I hit the nail too hard or I’m just not good at doing that kind of handy work, I don’t know. I will leave it for Romer - that kid can do anything. He fixes anything. He actually carries around this tool kit all the time. HAHA, what a nerd!

So today was an interesting day around the NHL and AHL with it being the trading deadline. I imagine there were guys that were happy to get traded or sad. I know for a fact a lot of guys around both leagues were nervous because you never know what could happen. San Jose made some trades bringing Bill Guerin for some needed scoring touch that will help them in the playoff run. For the Little Sharks, the team still stays intact so you can still come to the DCU and watch us all play tomorrow night against Springfield.

Well, I should get back to the best website ever ( and watch for more interesting trades and recap the old ones. I shouldn’t say the best website ever though, that may upset everyone in the Sharks office. SHARKSAHL.COM RULES!!!! There, that should get me some good brownie points!

Anyways, I will see you all on Wednesday and this weekend as all the games are at home. I have only seen two Armstrong jersey’s in the crowd. That’s not that good! Hahahah. Get one or get a jersey with you favorite players name and number on it! The Sharks store in the DCU Center has all the jerseys!!

Ok, See ya tomorrow at the rink!

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