Army Checks In with Rookie Parties and the Sharks Hockey School

Hey all,

I am actually writing this from Grant Stevenson’s car. We are on our way back from taking a Silver Fox bus to Foxwoods Casino. The whole team actually won the trip at the Sharks Charity Dinner called “An Evening with the Worcester Sharks.” We outbid some woman who was quite furious about it. It’s ok though because we had Coach Sommer do the bidding. She got mad at him. Mike Iggulden and Ashton Rome were the bigger winners of the trip.

We also had a rookie party recently. It was really fun because we dress the rookies up and then go out to dinner. After dinner we went out for a night in Boston which was a great time. I remember when I was a rookie. Marcel Goc and Christian Erhoff dressed me up in a women’s one piece swim suit. Let me tell you, it was not a pretty site! Haha

On the hockey side of things, we have played pretty well as of late. This past weekend was tough on us but we are about to get back to the DCU Center for some games. That should help us because you fans have been awesome! We are currently in a playoff spot too which is great!

With all the happenings at the DCU Center lately, we have been practicing at the New England Sports Center. It’s extremely cold in that building the old guys of the team do not like it. It takes a while for their old bodies to warm up. Hahah

This week is that Sharks Vacation Hockey School with Ice Works. It’s fun. We had lunch with the campers and they asked all kinds of questions and even put relish on some of the guy’s shoes. That was sort of funny. I haven’t yet, but I will be going on the ice with them and teach them some pointers. That will be a good time too!

On the home front, my apartment is starting to look a little bit better. Graham Mink’s girlfriend started up a little side business painting pictures so now I have something to hang in the apartment other than Britney Spears posters. At least she had hair in those. The paintings make the place look homey.

Well that’s it for now. I need to go clean this messy apartment because apparently my roommate Ashton Rome does not know how to pick up after himself. Hahah I love pushing his buttons.

Don’t forget we have home games on Friday and Sunday. I look forward to looking out and seeing more ARMSTRONG jersey’s in the crowd!! If you don’t have tickets to the game on Friday, wear some red and mention “Go Red” at the Box Office Lobby, you’ll save yourself $2 in celebration of Go Red Awareness Night!

Your friend,

Riley #20

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