The Armdogg Checks in Post Super Bowl

Hey Fans, Armdogg here…

Well it’s been a while! We had All-Star break and I haven’t had a chance to check in. Sorry about that. I’m writing here from the comfort of my couch while shopping online at Sky Mall.

For the quick break we had, I had the opportunity to go to Seattle and see my billet family from when I played for the Silvertips in Junior. I had an awesome time! I actually went out there with some old teammates who now play for the River Rats. The family we visited took real good care of us when we were there so I was pumped to go back and see them.

Speaking of the River Rats, let’s talk hockey for a minute. We have been on fire lately. I guess we haven’t really played to hot, but we still win and good teams find ways to win and that’s what matters. We beat Bridgeport and Albany this past weekend and we are only two points behind Hartford for second. In our last 10 games, we are 7-2-0-1. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

So, the Colts won the big game last night which I am glad about. We all did a Super Bowl pool and I didn’t win but what can you do. The whole team went to Patty T’s and had a great time. I pigged out on good food and enjoyed the game with the guys! I brought my lovely girlfriend, Autumn, with me too.

Ok well I am going to get back to my shopping here. I just bought these sweet slippers that are really soft for like half price. I’m pumped. Real quick, I just want say hi to all my boys in Saskatoon. Oh and I can’t forget Mom and Dad too.

Remember to follow us while we are on the road. Big tilt on Wednesday in Bridgeport.

With love,

The Armdogg

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