Evan's Checks In with Shooting Extravaganza

Well Worcester, I am back with another weeks worth of stories about the Sharks. I'm going to start by talking about our weekend with how tight our division is in terms of points.  Every game is very important, especially the ones against inter-division rivals like Providence. We had them here at the DCU and in case you haven't been paying attention, we won! It was a great game with lots of hits, goals, and a few fights. We also had a game Friday night at the DCU against the San Antonio Rampage, the Phoenix Coyotes affiliate. And again your Sharks came out with the 2 points. We ended our weekend in Bridgeport were we fell behind 4-1 mid way threw the second period but were able to come back by he end of the third and take them to a shoot out. Unfortunately, they got the edge on us in the shoot out, but all in all the weekend was a success. Five out of six points in the standings is fairly good.

Now that that's out of the way, we can talk about what the team has been doing OFF the ice. As I have said before in my blogs, we have been having team functions that are organized by one of the players and since I last wrote one of these, we have had two of them!!

I will start with our trip to the gun range on the 7th. Let me begin by saying if you have never heard a shotgun go off from 10 feet away from you, then you have no idea how loud they are. I almost fell over when Oli (Glenn Olson) let the first shot rip out of that thing. It took a while to get comfortable in the range because I have not had a lot of experience with guns. I was kind of on pins and needles for the first little bit. But soon after I got comfortable and started to enjoy myself blasting the targets. And we weren’t just using pee shooters. We were using shotguns, dirty hairy hand guns, and James Bond type guns (I don't know what type they actually are, but rather what movie hero used them). Patsy (Dimitri Patzold) did a good job of setting up our gun range field trip.

And our second field trip was to the paint ball course!!! And I highly recommend doing this with a group of friends. What a blast it is to see some one running for cover and to just be able to smoke them with tiny little balls of paint. I don't know what it is about that game, but I love it. But what I don't love is getting hit. Because it does not feel like roses let me tell you. If you get one of those suckers and it does not break, it's a guaranteed welt. And depending on how close you are to the person shooting you, they will STIIIIIING. But all in all it was a great time. Riley did a good job setting it all up, but we had our team picture in the morning so it cut into some of our day light. So our last game was in the dark, which made things a little more interesting.

Other than that, we are just getting ready for another big weekend with games against Providence, Bridgeport and Lowell.

I will talk to you later Worcester.


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