Checking in for the First Time...

October 11, 2006

Hey Sharks fans! My name is Brennan Evans and I play defense for the Sharks. I’ll be writing to you all season, so sit back, put your helmet on, and enjoy!

I’m getting acquainted with the city a bit so far. I’m learning my way around and finding some good places to eat. So far, so good.

I have gone to the Irish Times a couple times. I like it there, but I would like to find some more cool places to hang out. I went to the Boynton once for the hockey viewing party. They have fantastic food and all the people were nice! O’Connor’s Restaurant has great food too! So far the food has been a plus.

I went looking for a new vehicle this week. I like the Infinity SUV. I test drove one and loved it. So if anybody knows of a good deal, hook me up!

I finally moved out of the hotel this past week. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Crowne Plaza is a great place, but still not a place you can call home. Joe Pavelski, who also plays on the team, and I just rented an apartment. Yea, we don’t have any furniture, so I have been sleeping on my mattress on the floor, with no sheets to boot. Hopefully that will change soon.

So one thing I have been enjoying is everyone’s Worcester accent. I’m a big movie guy and love the movie Anchorman. I quote it a lot with friends. It reminds me of the part when Ron Burgundy warms up for the newscast and says, “OW NOW BROWN COW!”

I guess I should practice the Worcester accent with “Pahk tha cah in Haaaavid Yahhd,” rather than his line!! I'll get this accent down in no time after saying that a few times.

So as for the hockey, we had two tilts already and they went pretty well. We beat Portland in a shootout, which was awesome. Then we played Manchester. Both games we didn’t let up and it paid off in the end. I think we’re in for a fun season and I’m pumped to be here!

Anyways, I’m going to go to sleep on my mattress now. Don’t forget to get your tickets to our home opener. It’s this Saturday, October 14 against Portland. I hear there’s something for everyone and should be an awesome time. So, come on down and check us out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

After the game, you should meet the whole team out at McFadden’s Worcester. Their grand opening is this week and will be hosts of our post-game party. Come meet us and enjoy the atmosphere!! AHHHH I LOVE HOCKEY. More and more I’m stahhhting to love Woosta!

Oh P.S. – My buddy Riley Armstrong wants to give a shout out to all the local girls. He needs a girlfriend!

“You stay classy, Worcester!!”

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