Thoughts on the Home Opener

Hello again!

Well, here is my second entry. I hoped you all liked my first one. I’m assuming most did as many people had some nice things to say about it.

I’m not really sure where to begin this week. I guess I should start off talking about opening night at the DCU Center because WOW!!! It was rockin', eh? Actually, if this makes any sense, it was too awesome. I was so jealous of the boys playing in front of such a great atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I hurt myself a little bit the game before, so I couldn’t play. The video on the scoreboard gave me goosebumps it was so exciting and the arena was so loud from all the people, I actually left with a bit of a headache.

Too bad we couldn’t have pulled it off in the shootout. Dougy Murray’s goal was perfect timing though. If not for that, we wouldn’t even have gotten a point in the standings.

Ok, let’s talk about a few other things. Last week, I was looking to buy a nice black Infinity SUV. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully I’ll get it very soon because I can’t wait any longer. I feel bad bumming rides from guys and making them wait when I get treatments. I’ll update you next week when I have had it for a little while.

So, like I told you last time, Joe Pavelski is my roommate. The reason I bring this up is because I wanted to tell you all how great he can cook. He is fantastic. I don’t how he does it or what special ingredients or recipes he uses, but boy can he cook. Those college kids, they’re something else. Maybe he took Home Ec at Wisconsin or something. I hear those Division 1 college kids take all the easy classes! I bet that’s the reason. I wonder if he can sew? Ha, I should have him do my laundry too. It would be like living with my mom.

Anyways, lately I have been finding myself wind down with some video games on Playstation 2. I have been playing this guitar game. It’s really neat. The notes come up and you make this guy play on the guitar with the controller and…WOW I’m pathetic. Nevermind! haha

Speaking of music. The whole darn team likes country music! I HATE IT. It’s terrible. It’s on the stereo in the locker room quite a bit and unfortunately, I get overruled. I just sit there and get dressed in misery.

I have noticed since I’ve been injured that the training room can be a great place for jokes. Everybody comes in after practice to ice and get treated and we have some great laughs. Wish I could share them here, but it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Well, I guess I’m about done. We have two games this weekend. On Friday, we are in Providence and then back home on Saturday against Lowell, my old team. Hopefully, I’ll be able to play. Maybe, we can make it Opening Night #2 and I won’t have to feel like I missed out on the real opening night. I wish! Oh well, we are starting to play well as a team and I just want it to keep going.

“You stay classy Worcester”

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