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Q: Are there going to be payment plans for the season tickets? If so what are they going to be? How much is needed to secure a seat at the season ticket holder registration on Sunday 26th?
A: If you have already pledged by the 26th all you have to do is come, have a good time, and select a seat. You can leave the check book at home unless you want to add seats that day and put a $25 deposit down on extra seats. After the event, all the seats will be put into the system, payment terms announced, and then you will be invoiced.

Q: With the Curtain system, if thee was a large crowd predicted like on boy scout nights would the curtains be removed for bigger crowds
A: First things first! Our goal is to sell the 6800 seats out on a regular basis. Once we are able to create the stability of a regular crowd we can look at special reaise the curtain nights!

Q: Thanks for bringing your franchise here ! Will Worcester fans be allowed acces to the VISITING team after games to meet players and get autographs ? This is allowed in most other AHL arenas.
A: We are looking into to the possibilities, it has alot to do with the visiting teams allowing the opporotunities like this to happen and security issues in the building.

Q: Will all the players from the Cleveland Barons be on the Sharks?
A: Each year the San Jose Sharks determine the AHL roster based on player�s performances the previous year at whatever level they played at, how they perform in the off season camps, and how they perform in the NHL training camp. Based on those performances, the roster for the Worcester Sharks will be formed - including players currently on Cleveland.

Q: When will it be possible to buy season tickets for just the first season? I have pledged for 2 seats for 2 years, but am also looking at getting 2 more for just the first year at this point.
A: Call the Worcester Sharks office at 508-929-0500 and one of our account executives will be more than willing to work with you.

Q: One thing that always bothered me was the cleanliness of the glass around the arena. The glass around the arena was always very filthy with hand prints, dirt, soda etc on both sides of the glass. Is there any way to police this issue for the season ticket holders in the 1st few rows to see the games better?
A: Our goal for the fans, is to give them the best experience they can have while at a Worcester Sharks game. We will do whatever we can to give you the best time possible. We are working on many ways to keep the glass and the environment around clean so you can enjoy the game.

Q: How come you will not have student ticket pricing like Springfield? It seems it would be a benefit with the number of colleges in the area to have a student discount.
A: We are working on having certain student nights during the season, so this will give the students something to look forward to. More information will be available in the future, we will keep you posted. We do have pricing for children and seniors.

Q: After being a season tix holder for 11 years I lost my seats to another season tix holder because I was on a cruise ship when the announcement was made for the pledge drive .I pledged as soon as I got back and still lost my seats .
A: We appologize for this happening. With the lack of Icecats data we were able to do only so much. We tried are best to give past season ticket holders the best chance to get their same seats. We are going to do are best to make this the most pleasurable season for you though. Call the ticket staff anytime at 508-929-0500 and they will try to help you.

Q: Will you be putting desktop wallpapers or screensavers up anytime soon?
A: We are working on adding things to the website for are fans enjoyment here in the future. The launch of the first season next fall will be when you see the full blown web site and tools in use.

Q: Do You Have a Play by Play Voice yet? If not I would like to suggest a good one. Tom Callahan currently with the Augusta Lynx ECHL. You can hear him on the net at Lynx.com the broadcast link is on their web page.
A: Jamie Smock has spent the last five years with the Sharks organization, serving as the Director of Broadcasting for the club�s American Hockey League Affiliate. As the Voice of the Worcester Sharks, Smock will provide play-by-play for all Sharks games and events, as well as work on corporate sponsorships and help structure the Sharks broadcast deals. Smock joined the Sharks organization after five years of professional ice hockey broadcasting at the ECHL level with the Knoxville Cherokees and Pee Dee Pride.

Q: Do you have plans as to if their will be a season ticket lounge run as the

A couple questions have been asked about using a �club� type set up along with season tickets. This is another area that is under review and will be announced when it is finalized. We realize you have waited a year and a half for a new team and will try to move as quickly as possible, thanks for your patience.

Q: Could you please have the Sharks new mascot skate on the ice at least some of the time? Former Worcester mascots were very well received by the hockey fans when the skating was combined with off-ice meetings, as well. The UHL Adirondack Frostbite in Glens Falls, NY have a mascot named

Q: I am a wheelchair user. Will I be able to attend a game without having to pull the DCU centre's teeth?
A: Yes you will be able too attend games and we will all work together to make sure it is an easy experience for you.

Q: I was really excited when the announcement was made to bring the Sharks to Worcester, but was really disappointed to hear about the curtaining plans. In my opinion, the best seats in the place are on the sides mid way up in the 200 sections. Why eliminate seats in the first place? It was nice to be able to show up day of game, and to know there would be tickets available.
A: Thanks for your feedback. When we announce the way the arena will be configured there will be plenty of 200 level seats, but at 12, 800 seats the arena is too large. Shrinking it down will create one of the best atmosphers in the AHL!

Q: Is there any talk about having a St.Pattys day jersey like the Icecats did? Corey Bourne MA
A: The Sharks will do special jerseys and, if our schedule falls on or near St Patty's Day, I would bet that is one of them.

Q: As a season ticket holder to the Sharks, will we get a first chance at tickets to events that are going to be taking place at the DCU Center (ex. NCAA hockey, basketball, or even certain concerts)?
A: When we announce the season ticket holder benefits this will be included. The DCU Center and the Sharks recognize the importance of you as a priority client, not only of the team but also the building. There are plans for this type of perk subject to some restrictions by promoters and availability. Stay tuned !

Q: Will you please make sure that when someone looks at the game uniforms, they will know that they are Worcester uniforms? In the later years, the IceCats unis seemed to lose all local markings, becoming very generic.
A: The final designs are almost complete and they will all have Worcester on them in one way or another. We are proud to be in Worcester and will show it!

Q: Will the Sharks look to trying to bring an All*Star game to the DCU Center in the future? You have 7-8 teams centrally located and I believe you can bring them all here for a large crowd!
A: One of the earliest discussions the Sharks, the City, and the DCU Center had focused on bringing the AHL All Star game to Worcester. When the time is right we will make a bid.

Q: Are you planning to use more than one camera for the video scoreboard for a professional look? Other arenas make use of down time during the game to show faces in the crowd and this seems to be a big hit with fans.
A: This is an area we are very experienced in. We will use 3 cameras and many bells and whistles. The new scoreboard has really yet to be used for hockey as it is intended. It will be a center piece of the experience.

Q: How do we submit ideas like jerseys designs to the orginization?
A: Send them to the Sharks office at the DCU Center.

Q: Would San Jose have a preseason match up with the Boston Bruins at the DCU Center? Christina From Framingham
A: To answer the many questions about if the San Jose Sharks would play an exhibition game in Worcester against the Bruins, Kings, or maybe the Ducks  - it is possible. We have had initial discussions about doing it and if all the scheduling could be worked out we'd love too!

Q: In the past, hockey etiquette was a problem with most fans and with the enforcement by the arena staff. Will there be an improvement in this area? Also, the vendors selling cotton candy, etc. created a problem with watching the game. As a past season ticket holder, these were just a few reasons we did not renew.
A: Great question! We have been saying to everyone, start with a clean slate for not only the new hockey team but for the arena as well. This is a new day and a new partnership for all. The DCU Center staff is committed to making the fan experience the best it can be. We will work together to keep the standards high and welcome constructive feedback. As for the fans who may not know the etiquette - well let's all help them! We need new fans to go with the experienced ones like yourself. Jump on board the pledge drive has about a month left and you will want to have priority!

Q: I know that fans can submit logo ideas for the Worcester Sharks team, as long as the Sharks' Crest from San Jose's logo is the primary mark. But are jersey ideas by fans allowed as well?
A: Sure!  Any ideas are welcome and they do not need to have the Sharks crest in them always!

Q: Will the Sharks have a group of people skating around with tee-shirts and a sling shot tossing them up in the crowd during the first intermission and will they have games on the ice also? Gabby, Worcester
A: There will be all kinds of entertainment around the action, not during of course. I am sure there will be some slinging of shirts and other usual activities. As for the game day staff  to do the slinging, we will be looking for these people in the fall.

Q: The IceCats had annual tryouts to sing the national anthem before home games, are there any plans to do the same with the Sharks?
A: We will have a way for people to submit their talents to have a shot at singing the national anthem. It may be a combination of live tryouts or submiting tapes. So warm those vocal cords up!

Q: The guaranteed 30 weekend games....is that Fridays and Saturdays, or are Sundays included?
A: We will have a minimum of 33 weekend games which includes Sundays, the goal is for  about half of them to hit Saturday nights.

Q: Do you think the Sharks will ever win the Calder Cup?
A: It is the Goal!  Yes, I do think so. The kids the Sharks have in the wings at juniors and in college are very talented.

Q: Would you go to the United Hockey Hockey if the AHL does not work out for your team?
A: No. The Worcester Sharks are and always will be an American Hockey League franchise!

Q: Will you be playing some of your rivals, like Omaha, the Grizzles, and the Rampage? Being a Lockmonsters fan I'd like to see other clubs in the area besides the ones that come here every year. Maybe you guys can get the AHL west teams to play east teams in the regular season. I'm thinking of checking out the Sharks next season. Good luck next year IceCats fans, I know how brutal the division teams can be!
A: The Sharks are looking forward to seeing alot of new teams in the east, but have created some nice rivalries over the past ten years in the midwest as well. We will be open to the idea of playing the western teams and bringing them to Worcester. It ultimately is up to the schedule gurus!

Q: Will the Sharks have an autograph session after the games so we the fans can meet and get to know them like we did with the Icecats.The kids enjoyed it and it seemed to make the fans feel more a part of the team.Tim, Worcester
A: The Sharks will have many opportunities for the fans to get to meet the players. They will include appearances at local rinks, post game skates with the players, autograph sessions and, for season ticket holders, several other meet and greet opportunities. Thanks for asking!

Q: Will you have a unique logo for the team or will it be the San Jose logo?

All the Logos and uniforms are in the design stage but the primary mark will be the Sharks Crest that the NHL team currently wears. There will be many specific Worcester logos included in the teams overall look and merchandise.


Q: Will job applicants hear back from the Sharks if they are not selected for an interview? Thanks.
A: Yes, all applicants will hear back from the Sharks. The process will be on going so it may take some time.

Q: How long is our contract with the DCU Center?
A: We will not dicsuss specific terms of the DCU Center contract or any others, as is Club policy BUT we can say that we have an agreement to play here for at least the next decade!

Q: Other than email, is there a physical address for the Sharks in Worcester?

Worcester Sharks

DCU Center

50 Foster Street

Worcester, Ma 01608-1398


Q: When will the team jerseys be made available to the public and when they are, will the public be able to get authentic lettering and sponsorship patches on the jerseys? (providing there will be a sponsor on the jersey)
A: The new jerseys are in the design mode so we do not have specifics on them as of yet. We do not anticipate them being completed very soon for public sale but we hope to announce and show them well before they can be bought.

Q: Those that pledged and gave deposits early were assured that they would get the first shot at seats. Is this still true and how do we know what number we were assigned?

 It is expected that within a month or so the Sharks and the DCU Center will  announce the  a �seat selection� event so that those who have already pledged for season tickets may actually choose a seat location.

Previous verifiable season ticket holders from the 2004-2005 AHL season in Worcester who signed up before November 16, 2005, shall have the first numbers assigned  -  based on their submission of  a pledge form and submitted deposit.  Based on the date and time that they signed their form, a priority number will be assigned.   These individuals will move to the front of the seat selection list. All other pledges on and after November 17 will be assigned numbers following the season ticket holders who joined before that date.

If a previous season ticket holder signed up after 11/16/05, he/she will receive the next available priority number at the time of signing the pledge.


Q: I know it's early to ask this question. But I'm impatient. I was wondering what the Worcester Sharks' goal song would be at Sharks home games. Will it be
A: We will file in the suggestion box for the music man! We will begin new traditions!

Q: Will the Sharks have access to the Icecats kids club mailing list , or will it be starting fresh. Also I want to thank you for choosing Worcester, you have made my 6 year old youth hockey player very happy. You will be greatly supported!
A: We have access to all the lists and will be looking through them. We will then be starting from a blank sheet as we build our new Shark fan base, using the old to help us get to our goals! Tell your 6 year old thank you and hello from us!

Q: Do you plan to broadcast games (radio, web, etc.)?
A: We hope to do all of the above. It is early in the process but we have had initial discussions with potential broadcast partners. Stay tuned to this Sharks channel in the coming months!

Q: I was wondering if the netting behind the nets could be changed to white instead of black, I think the set up of the DCU center fro hockey It would be easier to follow the puck. And Welcome to Worcester. Thank You
A: Thanks for the Welcome. At this time there are not plans to change the nets in the DCU Center and we have not seen them in action yet.

Q: What will the old Cats Club be called? i was thinking either Open Waters, or The Sharks Tank
A: Thanks for the suggestions. We think both are good, and the Shark Tank will have a place in the arena somewhere.

Q: When will we see wallpaper and screen savers. The old team took 11 years for a screensaver.

That is a good suggestion that we will pose to our technical gurus. Thanks for making it.

Q: Hi, i was wondering if there is a job opening just to help set up the offices and move stuff in???
A: There are job openings and we are looking for staff now in all kinds of roles, including help to set up the offices. Click on the employment part of the website and check them out.

Q: What freeagents will you be looking at that might play for Worcester? Mike from Framingham
A: Mike, it is too early to tell at this point for next season. As we said in another answer the process really begins in the off-season and will conclude with training camp for the NHL Sharks. Each year free agents join our group of prospects to round out the team.

Q: Would it be possible to use Scratch, the IceCats mascot, as the Sharks' mascot? I realize that the Sharks are in no way affiliated with the IceCats, and Scratch is a cat, not a shark, but it is hard to imagine hockey at the DCU Center without Scratch!
A: The mascot will be new, it will be a Shark, and the fans will have a hand in naming it when it is �born�. We know it is hard to change, but give the Shark a chance and imagine a whole new world with a very active fun new friend.

Q: Worcester, being without a major network TV outlet, is overshadowed by Boston major sports, unlike the other AHL cities, Worcester sports recieve no coverage. Will this issue be addressed in an effort to expand interest?
A: While Worcester does not have it's own television market, it does have has some pretty good media of it�s own. The Telegram-Gazette, a strong number of local radio stations, Charter Communications, and a local bureau for Channel 4 out of Boston. These make it an attractive market for an AHL team to receive good coverage. That being said, the answer is yes, the team will expand where and how it reaches fans.

Q: Will there still be seats available in the 200's with the altered seating? I have purchased 2 season tickets and do not like sitting in the 100's level.

There will be seats available in the 200 level. The curtaining system is still a work in progress, but yes there will be seats in the 200 level. They will be more limited which is why getting your pledge in was a good idea - THANK YOU for that support. Tell your friends the same.

Q: Are you going to have a kids fan club?
A: A kid�s fan club is one of the many things on the team's list to decide about. If you have ideas for the club and things you'd like to see be sure to send them to the Sharks.

Q: Will the curtaining system be removed for playoff games or for games that draw a large crowd?
A: The curtaining system has not been finalized yet so it is too early to speculate on the exact size and options available to the Sharks. Our intention is to be successful 40 dates and not just big games. We feel the best way to do that is have an arena in the 6500-7000 seat range and keep it that way for all games. However, if we have options we will look at them, but fans should plan ahead to be one of those 6500 for all games.

Q: Are the Sharks going to offer partial season ticket plans, for example a 20 game plan?
A: All the ticketing issues including pricing and different plans are being reviewed and will be announced as they are finalized. We would expect that fans will have some good options, but jump on board with the pledges to ensure the seats you want.

Q: Is DCU Center going to staff the sections better then the previous hockey season... even with the replay board all us season ticket holders like to see the game... with security in every section in the lower level it is so much better to watch the game to ensure that I dont miss that key goal that clinches the spot in the playoffs for the Worcester Sharks because some fans who dont care sont wait for the whistle.
A: The DCU Center is committed to providing first class customer service for all their events. We have great faith that your experience will be a good one and as we will say over and over, this is a new beginning. The Sharks are here because the DCU management remains committed to making the team and the fan friendly building successful.

Q: If a Patriots or Red Sox playoff game conflicts with a Sharks game will you move the time to accomodate area fans? The Boston Bruins did this on Jan 7th so fans could watch the Patriots. Billy from Burncoat High
A: The Sharks intend to be good neighbors. If a conflict with an area sport team arises, we will certainly look at the options as they present themselves and try to do what is in the best interests of the fans. It can be hard to do depending on the DCU Center's other bookings and the visiting team's schedule but sure worth looking at.

Q: will the sharks be part of the AHL's Atlantic division as the icecats were, and will albany then become part of the east division again?
A: The American Hockey League approved the franchise in Worcester unanimously on January 9th. The discussions for the approval did not include the placement of the Sharks in a division, as of yet. It is probably safe to say we will be able to renew the rivalries that fans have enjoyed over the years with neighboring east coast cities.

Q: When will the team shop open and where will it be located ?
A: For the newest in merchadise click on the store right here on our website or visit the DCU Center Box Office during business hours. Decisions on a team store will be made in the coming months.

Q: Is this also the same franchise formerly known as the Kentucky Thoroughblades?

The Thoroughblades were the AHL farm team for the San Jose Sharks at one time. The Sharks were not the owners of the franchise as they are now.

Q: How closely will you work with the Can-Am Baseball League's Worcester Tornadoes promotion wise (and vice versa)?
A: The Sharks are looking forward to meeting theCan-Am Champion Tornadoes ownership and working together to make Worcester a great two sport town. Baseball and hockey are two sports that can work very well together.

Q: Why name the team after the parent club when Worcester obviously isn't on the ocean?

The selection of the Sharks as the name for the new Worcester franchise was  done for several reasons; one big one is all the players who will play for Worcester are signed by the parent Sharks. When they are signed we want them to be a Shark day one in the AHL all the way until they reach the NHL. Many other organizations have gone this route including the Bruins, Penguins, Stars, and Senators.



Q: Will there be any improvement to the DCU Center in 2006? Jose from Cape Cod
A: Yes. The DCU Center will continue to make changes as it did adding the beautiful new scoreboard last year. The next major change will be adding a curtaining system that will make the DCU Center appoximately 6500 seats for Worcester Sharks games beginning in October. That is the reason fans need to jump on board and get their season tickets now!

Q: With the new curtaining system, what will the seating chart look like?
A: The seating chart is not yet complete but the seating bowl in the DCU Center will be a more intimate setting for the games and one that people will want to plan ahead to get good seats for the games. Remember a minimum of 33 of the games are planned for weekends.

Q: My family and I are excited about the Sharks playing in Worcester and look forward to the coming season. However, while attending the seat selection open house a few weeks back, we noticed that the DCU Center was looking rather tired, especially the rest rooms. Are there any plans to spruce up the facility in the near future?

We are working with the DCU center on matters like this and they have many plans for renovations.  Once the season comes around we all want the environment  you watch the Sharks in to be the best in the league.

Q: I know of former season ticket holders who have not pledged yet, they seem to be waiting for the new team to call them. Will they contact last years season ticket holders that have not pledged?
A: Absolutely the Sharks will call once staff is in place, but tell any former season ticket holders that the best way to guarentee the best seats is to get on board with the pledge drive now.

Q: What made you decide on Worcester as opposed to other markets?
A: Locating this franchise in Worcester has many benefits, including a closer proximity to other AHL clubs, more favorable travel issues, a wealth of hockey fans and a building better suited to our business model.The success of our new franchise will be built on the partnership between the City of Worcester, the DCU Center and the Sharks.

Q: Would it be possible for the Worcester Sharks to consider two additional official merchandise items for sale, namely: an iron-on transfer or decal, and a sew-on embroidered patch (perhaps one small size patch for sleeves/shoulders/clavical areas and one larger size patch for torso/back locations)? Cindy--Sturbridge MA
A: We are considering many possible merchandise possiblities at this time. We want to give the fans the opportunity to purchase the merchandise that they will want to wear with pride. We want something for all ages and merchandise that you will be able to remember the Sharks many years from now.

Q: Are you going to have music blasting between plays and periods? As a hockey fan it was very annoying. It was always too loud and I could not discuss plays or anything about the game with the other fans sitting next to me.
A: We are looking to having different activities during these times. Music is a huge part of the sporting event, but I am confident in the fact that it won't be a problem in this upcoming season for you.

Q: Is there anyway to post all the pledgees numbers and seat locations for everyone to see so that we can get a look of where a lot of the season tix holders wwill be sitting
A: Most season ticket holders are seated in sections107,108,109,122,123, and 124. These sections are the middle sections of the arena. We cannot release the exact locations of a seat holder without their permission. We would suggest call them and ask them where they will be so you can celebrate Sharks Hockey together.

Q: When is Opening Night?!?!?! Bruce, Worcester

We are hoping to announce when opening night  for October 2006 sometime in June.  The full schedule will be done in August, so if you haven't purchased your season tickets yet, call our offices today to get the seats you want for the season. Also check up on are different packages we are offering now. (508)-929-0500 


Q: what will the name of the worcester sharks mascot be?
A: The name of the Worcester Sharks mascot is FINZ. The mascot is available for events, just call the Sharks office at 508-929-0500 to request FINZ.

Q: Will they posting job openings in the Facility & security operations area , for the worcester sharks
A: All those types of jobs are filled through the DCU Center so check for their employment opportunities.

Q: will fresno be are east coast team or will it be someone closer to worcester Mike From Framingham
A: Fresno was only one of our affiliates and makes sense for us for having some players close to San Jose. We have enjoyed a good relationship there and will look at it again. We also will look to eastern ECHL affiliations as well.

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