Gary Peters, M.D.


Dr. Gary Peters he has been practicing orthopedics in Worcester for over 25 years.

Dr. Peters sees a lot of patients that still want to remain active despite having knee and shoulder problems. "Surgical treatment for degenerative knees and shoulders has really progressed over the last 15-20 years. In the past, it was not unusual to tell people, especially older people, that they had to live with their condition. Now, we can help patients of all ages using everything from arthroscopic surgery to complete knee and shoulder replacements."

Dr. Peters has a subspecialty interest in arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery and enjoys helping athletes who have been injured return to the playing field. "I played sports in school myself so I know how important it is for a young athlete to return to playing the sport they love after an injury. Fortunately, we can treat most sports injuries quite successfully now."

According to Dr. Peters, many patients that go to see him do not require surgery and can be treated non-operatively using physical therapy, exercise programs and other methods. "I think many people have the misconception that when they go to see an orthopedic surgeon they are going to need surgery. We actually have a lot of different ways to treat patients, surgery – of course – being one of them."

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