The Law Firm of Abigail Williams & Associates
presents the "Be A Leader" program

Now in its third year, the “BE A LEADER” program presented by the Law Firm of Abigail Williams & Associates is the Worcester Sharks Flagship Educational initiative designed to educate children grades 4-6 in Central Massachusetts on the importance of developing strong leadership skills.  The program utilizes Sharks Players and an Abigail Williams & Associates representative to educate students on the importance of developing leadership skills and the benefits of working hard, sacrifice, taking care of yourself, and other attributes found in being a successful leader.  Each participant receives a “BE A LEADER" workbook which includes a free ticket voucher to a Sharks home game courtesy of Abigail Williams & Associates.

The BE A LEADER program is multi-faceted and includes many different elements.  The program reaches out to students in classrooms, after school programs, and even at a Worcester Sharks home game this season!

Earlier this season, the BE A LEADER program dedicated a "Community Service Day"  spearheaded by the staff of Abigail Williams & Associates and included the entire Worcester Sharks team and office. With the help from Consigli Construction and friends, the BE A LEADER Community Service Day created a new walkway surface, revamped the basketball court, and constructed several other cosmetic procedures at the Elm Park Elementary School in Worcester.  Click HERE to watch video from the 2nd annual BE A LEADER Community Service Day!

The third annual BE A LEADER night will be held on on Friday, February 26th vs. the Abbotsford Heat as the Sharks will wear a special BE A LEADER third jersey! The BE A LEADER program will honor local leaders throughout central Massachusetts. The jerseys will be auctioned off after the game with the proceeds to benefit Sharks Charities. Hope to see you there!

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Last season, Sharks players and Sharks Mascot FINZ were present at the school assemblies along with the principle of the Law Firm of Abigail Williams and Associates, Abby Williams.  The program reached over 2,500 students in central Massachusetts , with each receiving a free ticket to a Sharks’ game, compliments of the Law Firm of Abigail Williams and Associates.  


·   An educational and fun assembly style program available for Grades 4-6 that places an emphasis on leadership through teamwork, communication and confidence, using Sharks players, executives, and FINZ the popular team mascot.



·   A turnkey program that can be tailored to your curriculum. The BE A LEADER program includes complimentary BE A LEADER booklets to utilize how you see fit, including: word searches, stories, mazes, coloring pages and more!



·   Positive reinforcement tools are also included as a leave behind. “I got caught being a Leader” stickers will be provided at no charge, to distribute as you see fit, to reward students who exhibit leadership qualities at the school.



·   If desired, public recognition for outstanding leadership can we awarded at the assembly.



·   BE A LEADER topics are, but not limited to injury prevention, school and community safety, peer/group leadership, healthy lifestyle choices, and much more!





·   All participants receive a complimentary BE A LEADER activity booklet which includes a free ticket voucher to a Worcester Sharks home game, an autographed player card and more!



·   A student exemplifying outstanding leadership qualities will drop the puck at the BE A LEADER Night on Friday, February 26th  when the Sharks host the Abbotsford Heat. 

     NOW WHAT?


·  We are eager to tailor these programs to the specific needs of your school in an effort to better fit your curriculum. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to meet or discuss these programs. Please contact Michael Myers at (508) 929-0528 or e-mail at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you this season!   

 - Do you know a student that shows great leadership skills and would be worth of the Be A Leader of the month Award? Email Micheal Myers at [email protected] today!


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