Kristen Mansur
Finance and Ticket Operations Manager
Kristen Mansur, enters her fourth season with the Worcester Sharks, her thrird as the Finance and Ticket Operations Manager. In this position, Kristen oversees all of the organization’s ticket order processing and reporting along with all day to day financial tasks. 
Prior to coming on board with the Sharks, the Auburn native spent four years working in the MLS which included a three year stint with the New York Red Bulls and a season as the Box Office Manager for the Houston Dynamo. Besides ticket operations, the avid soccer fan and former player worked on marketing, event planning, and game presentation for a couple years. 

Previously, Kristen was the Ticket Operations Assistant for the Worcester Ice Cats during their last season here in Worcester.
Mansur earned her undergraduate degree in Sports Entertainment Event Management from Johnson and Wales University. She currently resides in Auburn, MA. 
Get to Know Kristen Mansur in 15 Questions!
Favorite old school NHL Jersey: Boston Bruins
Favorite Movie: It’s a tie - Super Troopers or the Cutting Edge
Favorite TV Shows: One Tree Hill, Castle, South Park, Ghost Whisperer, anything on Animal Planet, and I hate to admit I follow 2 soap operas!
Favorite Band: Rascal Flatts    
Favorite Concert Attended: Live Earth 2007 - New York
Favorite Pizza Toppings: Sausage and Cheese
Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Who needs cereal when you can eat muffins or donuts!!
Favorite Cartoon Character: All of the South Park kids.
Favorite Childhood Memory:  There are really too many to choose just one, but a recurring joke in my family is about a poor stuffed animal named Moonbeam! 
Favorite Holiday: My birthday! 
Favorite Vacation spot: Cape Cod!!!
One place you would like to visit: African Safari is number 1 on my list.  Egypt is number 2. 
Red Sox or Yankees: Red Sox of course!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.          
Any pets?: My cat Dutch…a rescued stray we originally named Dutchess only to discover he was really a Duke.  He is AWESOME!
One fact most people don’t know about you: As a kid, I wanted to be a zoologist or a marine biologist when I grew up. I wanted to spend every day swimming with Shamu or raising tigers and leopards!  I am also the most unphotogenic person in the world and am embarrassed by the photo above!

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