Catching Up With Troy Grosenick

Catching Up With Troy Grosenick
Sharks intern Justin Tetrault here once again, and this time I am catching up with Worcester Sharks goaltender Troy Grosenick! Troy was able to take some time to talk to me from Union College where he has begun his offseason as he talked about a variety of topics: from graduating college to adapting to life as a professional hockey player.
This past season was Troy’s first as a professional hockey player since leaving the college ranks, where he attended Union College and was a three time ECAC Hockey All-Academic Team member.  In 2011-2012 he won the Ken Dryden Award as the top goaltender of the ECAC and was named to the First Team All League of the ECAC as well as becoming the first Union College hockey member to be named a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award, the annual award given to the top collegiate hockey player in the country. In his first season with the Sharks, Troy was the Worcester Sharks rookie of the year as he posted a record of 18-14-0 with two shutouts and a 2.62 GAA in 35 games played.
You just wrapped up your rookie season here with the Sharks, how big of a transition was it from playing in college to professionally?
It’s obviously very different as far as times and scheduling go. In college you would have to take care of all your classes and homework, while playing hockey for the school aside from all of that. When you are a pro, it’s just hockey as your job and after practice every morning you have the whole afternoon to yourself. I talked to Jeremy Walsh, who played with me at Union for two years, and the big thing he said was you have to find something else to do other than hockey, otherwise you are just going to burn out. I think that’s very important, and I tried spending a lot of time on my college thesis to keep my mind off the game and give me something to do in the afternoons.
Speaking of college, you went to Union, where this past year they won the NCAA National Championship for the first time in school history. I take it you were a big follower of that run? That must have been pretty exciting!
Of course, some of my best friends in the world are still on the team, so seeing them win the national championship was unbelievable.
I heard you went back to Union after the season ended to graduate and you also walked at graduation? What did you major in?
I’m actually still here right now. The graduation ceremony was Sunday and I was be able to walk with my class, which was really cool…. I got my degree in Managerial Economics.

Pictured Left to Right (Mom Jan, Grandma Barbara, Troy, and Dad Scott - also pictured is Troy's dog Martin)

Another interesting experience you had this year was once the season ended in Worcester, you were able to go to San Jose and be a part of the Black Aces during their time in the playoffs. How was that kind of experience?

Yeah I was able to go up there, it was really a great experience being to see how dedicated the guys were to winning in the playoffs.
Were you able to go to any of the games or travel with the team during that time?
I actually did not travel with the team to the road games in Los Angeles, but I was able to go to Games 5 and 7 at home in San Jose. That was pretty cool, it was an incredible atmosphere and the rink was really loud.
Did you watch any of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after your time in San Jose, or the Finals at all?
Of course, it’s hard not to as a hockey player! Those players have taken the next step and obviously for a player like me that’s where you want to be. I have tried to watch Quick and Henrik and pick up on little things here and there, and try to use what I pick up and learn to try to improve my game.
Where are you going to be spending the summer months this offseason?
I will actually be in Minnesota training with my old goalie coach out there, and one of my buddies runs a gym out there also, so that will be where I will be spending my summer.
What are your goals for this offseason and into next season as you enter the year as a 2nd year professional?
I really want to be stronger and work on my explosiveness quite a bit because I guess I consider myself more of an athletic goalie, so becoming more explosive can hopefully help me make a few more big saves during games. I also really want to work on my patience, the guys in the pros are definitely more patient with the puck for that extra second and make the back door pass on you once you go down, where in college guys are shooting the puck more. Next year I really want to show up for camp as ready as I can and if I do that I will be happy with my performance. Coming back to Worcester I really hope we can get back into the playoffs and try to make a push there.
How did you enjoy your time in Worcester this past season?
I really enjoyed it, Worcester is a blue collar town and a fun place to play hockey in. It actually sort of reminds me of back home, where I grew up right outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just much different accents!
Have any fun plans for the summer aside from training?
Well I plan on golfing a ton when I am not working out. That’s pretty much it really. My buddy who has the place in Minnesota has a cabin, so I will probably do some fishing there to.
What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you Troy?
I’m a pretty open book so that’s a hard one! I guess that I was a good student, and maybe that most people wouldn’t expect that out of a hockey player.
Well thank you for your time Troy! Congratulations on graduating and enjoy your summer!
Thanks, you too!

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