Checking in with... Dylan Demelo!

Catching Up With Dylan Demelo
By Justin Tetrault
Sharks intern Justin Tetrault here, and I will be catching up with different Sharks players all summer long! The first player I interviewed was #2; defenseman Dylan Demelo, who is currently back home in London, Ontario for the offseason.
Dylan was picked in the 6th round (179th overall) of the 2011 Entry Draft out of Mississauga of the Ontario Hockey League by San Jose. This was Demelo’s first full season of professional ice hockey for the Worcester Sharks, and despite being one of the youngest members of the team, still managed to lead all Sharks defensemen in assists (22) and points (24). He also was a key contributor on the team’s power play, as he recorded one goal and eight assists on the man advantage this season. Dylan managed to take a few minutes out of his busy summer schedule to talk with me about a variety of topics!
Dylan, you have just recently finished your first full season as a professional hockey player here in Worcester, where do you go for your offseason to train?
I just go back home to London to train. I usually just train by myself but the gym I go to Drew Doughty and Logan Couture also go to, so I see them a lot.
What do you plan on focusing on for your offseason training?
I just want to try to get bigger and stronger, and a little quicker if I can. Just trying to improve my overall strength while working on my skating quickness so I can keep improving my game.
You had a solid year statistically and led the team’s defensemen in assists and points’ this season, do you have any goals set out for yourself for next year?
Stat-wise it’s hard to say, I just want to keep improving. My goal is to make San Jose out of training camp to start next season. If I get sent down to Worcester though I just want to keep playing my game and work on jumping into the rush a little more often to make things happen.
Have you been watching any of the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
Oh yeah (laughing), it’s hard not to watch it here in Canada, it’s on pretty much every channel.
Who is going to win the Finals between the Rangers and Kings?
I think the Kings, they are definitely the favorites I think. They had a little bit tougher road to get to the finals than the Rangers did, and they are playing really well together right now.
Know anybody playing in the finals that you might have grown up playing with?
No not really, the only guy I know is Drew (Doughty) because we are both from London and go to the same gym.
What was your favorite hockey team growing up?
It’s a little hard to admit, but the Maple Leafs, like everyone else I grew up around.
Have you ever attended a Leafs home game at the Air Canada Centre?
Actually no I have not, tickets were always pretty expensive and at a premium, and of course they are always sold out so I just never got around to it.
Who was your favorite player growing up?
I really liked defenseman Brian McCabe, and I also tried to study and model my game after Nick Lindstrom. Right now though, I would have to say I like watching Duncan Keith and Drew Doughty.
What else do you like doing away from the rink?
I like getting to see a lot of my family and friends out in London and just spend a lot of time with them. Taking some time off and visiting them is really nice. And I really like to golf, I try to play as much as I can, and I like playing some other sports like basketball and football to.
Do you have any pets back home?
No I do not.
I noticed that you recently turned twenty one on May 1st, happy birthday and did you do anything special for the occasion?
No not really, I just hung out with family and a few of my buddies later on, it was nothing too special.
Since you’ve been home, have you seen any good movies recently? Or anything special planned this summer?
I haven’t had the time to see any movies recently, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Jake Owen out in Windsor in June. I am also going to see Zac Brown band in August to, they are my favorite, they’re awesome, so I am really excited for that.
Well Dylan thanks for taking the time to talk with me, I hope you have a great summer and best of luck to you next upcoming season!
Thank you, my pleasure!

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