Get to know your 2013-14 Worcester Sharks!

Swimming with the Sharks – Get to know your 2013-14 Worcester Sharks!
By Darcy Hamilton
The Worcester Sharks will kick off the 2013-14 season Saturday, Oct 12, away from home against intra-state rival, the Springfield Falcons. The Falcons took down the Manchester Monarchs 3-2 last Saturday in their season opener. In anticipation of the big game, let’s take a look at the 2013-14 Worcester Sharks roster!
Not Their First Rodeo
There’s a lot to be excited about in this year’s team. Despite being a relatively young team, there are five players on the Sharks with NHL experience. Rob Davison, Matt Tennyson, John McCarthy, Bracken Kearns and Nick Petrecki have all spent time in the NHL. The five players combine for a total of 280 games of experience. Leading the pack is Rob Davison, who has a total of 219 NHL games under his belt with the Shark, Islanders, Canucks and Devils!
Birthday Boys
Davison is also the oldest player on the team at 33. In a wild turn of events, Davison shares a birthday with fellow defenseman Dylan Demelo, 20, who happens to be the youngest player on the team! They are exactly 13 years apart. Speaking of birthdays, right wingers Sebastian Stalberg and James Livingston were born just two days apart! Four players were born in 1992 but it was Freddie Hamilton, born on New Year’s Day, that started the year off with a bang!
Brotherly Love
Three players have siblings currently playing in the NHL. Sebastian Stalberg’s brother Viktor is currently with the Nashville Predators, but won the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks last year. Viktor and the Blackhawks took down the Bruins, the team of Dougie Hamilton, Freddie Hamilton’s younger brother. Also in the Big Show is Rylan Schwartz’s brother Jaden, who is currently playing with the St. Louis Blues.
Let’s Get Physical
There’s a nine inch height difference between the tallest player and the shortest player on the team. The average height of the Sharks is 6’2” which is 4 inches taller than the national average!
International Men of Mystery
We have quite a few different nationalities on this year’s roster. Seven different countries are represented on the 2013-14 Worcester Sharks roster. There are 13 Canadians and seven Americans. The other five players all come from different European countries. Check it out!

Player                                   Nationality
Sebastian Stalberg               Swedish
Daniil Tarasov                      Russian
Konrad Abeltshauser           German
Marek Viendensky                Slovak
Harri Sateri                          Finnish
College Boys
Of the 25 players currently on the roster, 10 players attended college for at least a year:

Player                                   College
John McCarthy                       Boston University
Matt Tennyson                       Western Michigan University
Sebastian Stalberg                 University of Vermont
Brodie Reid                            Northeastern University
Bracken Kearns                     University of Calgary
Eriah Hayes                           Minnesota State University – Mankato
Travis Oleksuk                       University of Minnesota – Duluth
Rylan Schwartz                       Colorado College
Nick Petrecki                          Boston College
Troy Grosenick                      Union College
The Chosen Ones
Interestingly, 12 of the 25 current players have been drafted to the NHL. Nine of the 12 were drafted by the San Jose Sharks!
Player                             Round                   Team/Year
Freddie Hamiliton            5th rd                    San Jose/’10
Taylor Doherty               2nd rd                    San Jose/’09 
Harri Sateri                     4th rd                     San Jose/’08
Nick Petrecki                  1st rd                     San Jose/’07
John McCarthy               7th rd                     San Jose/’06
Jimmy Bonneau              8th rd                     Montreal/’03
Adam Comrie                  3rd rd                    Florida/‘08
James Livingston            3rd rd                    St. Louis/‘08
Marek Viedensky            7th rd                    San Jose/‘09
Dylan Demelo                  6th rd                   San Jose/’11
Rob Davison                   4th rd                    San Jose/’98
Konrad Abeltshauser     6th rd                     San Jose/’10
The Sharks first home game is Oct 19 at 7:00 against the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. Go to for more information on the roster and schedule and be sure to follow the Sharks on Twitter @WorcesterSharks!

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