Checking in with Curt Gogol

Checking in with Curt Gogol
By Matt Alber
Sharks intern Matt Alber here, I will be checking in with various Sharks players during the offseason to see what they have going on over the summer. Next up we have forward #13 Curt Gogol, who just the other day returned to his hometown of Calgary, Alberta for the summer.

Gogol was undrafted coming out of the WHL in 2011 and just finished his second season with the Sharks. This past year he had four goals and six points. The agitator has also finished second on the team in penalty minutes each of the last two seasons, amassing 167 in 2011-12 and 139 in 2012-13. He also was only able to suit up for 38 games in what was an injury-plagued 2012-13 season.
Native of Calgary, Gogol has been affected by the recent flooding which filled the lower bowl of the Flames arena, the Saddledome as well as destroying many homes in the Calgary area.
“What happened is awful. I live right by the river actually but my house is high up enough where we were all safe. It hasn’t even really sunk in what happened yet. You never really expect this sort of thing to happen to you. Myself and a few of my friends are getting really involved in going around helping clean up the city.”
Having just gotten back to Calgary, Gogol took the time to talk about what he’s doing to prepare for the upcoming season.
“I’ve been working out with the strength coach for the Phoenix Coyotes (Tommy Flowers). I had worked out with him before he got the job in Phoenix so now I only see him over the summer obviously. Generally I lift in the mornings, then skate in the afternoons. I do that two-three times a week. I’m trying to get in the best possible shape for development camp that’s coming up. You want to try to impress the scouts as much as you can.”
In addition to the ordinary workouts that hockey players do, Gogol has added something extra to his workout routine, boxing.
“I do boxing twice a week. It really helps your conditioning and balance. I do that with Dale Brown, who represented Canada in the 1992 Olympics.”
Outside of the weight room, one thing Gogol loves to do is golf.
“Although I don’t watch a ton of golf or have a favorite golfer, it’s something I really enjoy to do as much as I am able to get out over the summer. I actually just got back from Scott Hartnell’s charity golf tournament with (former teammate Frazer McLaren who is now with the Toronto Maple Leafs). Those are always fun to be able to help out a good cause as well as have some fun with guys you might not normally see.”
Over the weekends, Gogol generally goes out to his cabin, which is about three hours north of Calgary with some family and friends.
“I like to go up there with some friends, my sister and her kids. It’s a lot of fun up there and a great place to relax. It’s right on the lake and we go surfing, go on rafts and water ski a lot. I usually go to Costa Rica at some point over the summer but this year I actually won’t be able to, so I’ll be spending more time at the cabin than usual. When my sister doesn’t go, I bring some of my buddies. It’s a good time because you don’t get to spend a ton of time with your friends during the hockey season.”
Although he didn’t watch too much of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Curt was tuned in to a different league that just finished.
“I don’t watch too much TV, but I was watching the NBA Finals. I was one of the few that were rooting for the Miami Heat. I don’t see how everyone hates them; they’re like an all-star team with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. It was a great series to watch and I was glad to see them win.”
Gogol seems to have a good amount on his plate this summer as he prepares for his third season in Worcester. Make sure to check back in the throughout the summer as I continue to check in with various Sharks players.
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