Checking in with Freddie Hamilton

Checking in with Freddie Hamilton
By Matt Alber
Sharks intern Matt Alber here, I will be checking in with various Sharks players throughout the offseason. My next victim is #12; center Freddie Hamilton, who is now back in St. Catharines, Ontario for the summer.
Hamilton was taken by the Sharks in the 5th round (129th overall) in the 2010 NHL Draft. The Toronto, Ontario native just wrapped up his first professional season with the Sharks, scoring 13 goals and 26 points while being the only Worcester player to suit up for all 76 games during the season.
“It was a good season. I was happy to be able to play in every game and I think my game as a whole improved a lot over the year. I wish we could have done better but it was a great group of guys and I’m looking forward to being a lot better as a team next season,” said Hamilton.
After the year ended, Hamilton went out to San Jose with some other Sharks prospects for a development camp. While many of the guys went their separate ways immediately following camp, Hamilton stayed in San Jose to watch the Sharks in the playoffs.
“I stayed out for a little bit after camp. I went to all the home games in San Jose during the playoff run and also went to the road games out in LA.”
Even after the San Jose Sharks were eliminated, Freddie has been keeping an eye on the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He is the older brother of Boston Bruins defenseman Dougie Hamilton just wrapped up his rookie season with the Bruins.
“Even though he hasn’t been playing a lot as of late, I was definitely pulling for him and his team to win the cup.”
The playoffs as a whole have been very exciting this year. Although he hasn’t seen his brother in a while, Freddie looks forward to seeing him following the end of the Bruins season.
“With our hockey seasons taking up so much time, it’s always nice to be able to see each other over the summer. We also work out together during the offseason. Before Dougie gets back, I follow the workout routine that the Sharks conditioning staff gives us.”
When he’s not working out, Hamilton enjoys relaxing from the long season that just ended and regrouping for the upcoming year. Like any other 21 year old kid, he loves the time he gets to spend with his friends and family. Similar to a lot of Toronto area natives, Freddie is a big Toronto Blue Jays fan.
“I’ve been a huge Blue Jays fan for a long time. Although I haven’t been able to go to a game yet, I really want to go to a few of those before the season is over. It’s really nice to see them do well as they haven’t had a whole lot of success before during my lifetime.”
Freddie mentioned a few movies that he had gone to see as well as a hit TV show that he had been keeping up with.
 “I went to see the Internship and Hangover part 3 with some of my friends. Both of those movies were really funny. I’d give the Internship a 9/10; it was funny but also had a real good story behind it. The Hangover I’d say was an 8/10. If I could be any character on the Hangover, I would definitely be Phil (Bradley Cooper). He’s a stud. I can’t wait to go see the new Superman movie as well.” said Hamilton.
“I also got into watching the Voice and I’m upset that it’s over now. I was really pulling for the Swon brothers. They were very talented and real funny.”
Finally, Freddie made a suggestion for anyone visiting the St. Catharines area.
“It’s pretty close to Niagara Falls and there is a lot surrounding that. It’s something that’s definitely worth going to check out. Other than that, St. Catharines is a pretty quiet area. The beaches around here are pretty nice to go as well.”
Freddie Hamilton seems to have a nice relaxing summer ahead of him along with training for the upcoming year. Make sure to check back to all offseason long as I continue to check in with various Sharks players throughout the summer.

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