Checking in with... Nick Petrecki!

Sharks Fans, will be checking in with Worcester Sharks players throughout the offseason! Our next victim, is rookie Nick Petrecki! Nick checks in with us from his offseason crib in Boston!

Hey Sharks Fans, 
Nick Petrecki checking in from Boston.
My first pro season was a very enjoyable one. We had a great mix of young and older guys who got along with each other very well. I learned a lot this past season from not only the coaches, but also guys such as Ryan Vesce and Joe Callahan.  Vesce and Callahan are great examples of guys I watched and learned how they go about life as a professional. At first it was a little different getting adjusted to the pro style game and the long schedule, but as the season progressed, you eventually adapt. It was nice knowing that unlike in college, I didn’t have to worry about going to class and studying and being so busy! Now I can focus solely on hockey.
I spend my summers in Boston and work out at Boston College with my strength coach, and also go up to Mike Boyle's gym in Winchester, MA where I see guys such as Johnny McCarthy. I am living with Portland Pirate Nate Gerbe whom I played with for a year at BC. We are both taking classes and trying to finish our school degrees. Nate is also teaching me the guitar this summer and we like to golf as much as we can. On the weekends I will usually golf or head down to Cape Cod to relax on the beach.
I am very excited for next season, although it is nice to have time off and relax, summer is a great time to prepare for next season!
I hope all the Sharks fans are having a great start to their summer and want to thank them again for all their support throughout the season.

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